Real Estate Video is Growing in Popularity

Video as a real estate marketing tool has grown in popularity over the years. What was once only considered a realistic option for the most luxurious properties is now being used more widely across the spectrum. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. The major reason for this shift is that the cost of production has dropped drastically.  Video cameras that used to costs tens of thousands of dollars can now be purchased for far less.  Real Estate Photographers who once only shot still photography are now

Demo Single Property Website

The vast majority of buyers begin their search for real estate online. Creating a single property website is a great way to showcase a premium property. A short, unique and memorable domain name is perfect for online advertising, social media campaigns and open house print collateral. We host your page on our site for 12 months, and register a short unique domain for your property to redirect to your page. Each page contains a gallery of images, map, contact form, listing info and agent information. Head on over to the

SOLD in Only 6 Days with Real Estate Photography

Congratulations to our client Kimberley Vento for selling her listing at 1645 Sandalwood Ln, Carlsbad within just six days of being on the market! We know that hiring a professional real estate photographer is an excellent investment, but this story clearly demonstrates how powerful a great agent can be when armed with great real estate photography. This is the first time one of our clients has sold their listing before even getting an opportunity to put a check in the mail for services rendered!

Real Estate Photographers & Home Stagers: Partnering Together

We are constantly on the prowl for new clients. As real estate photographers, our most desired client is a real estate agent who sells higher-end properties and sees the tremendous value in investing in professional photography. A real estate agent who invests in professional photography will more often than not see the value in professional home staging, and vice versa. Both real estate photographers and home stagers are in the business of making houses look good. Even though each performs a different service, they have exactly the same clients. A Truly Symbiotic

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photography

We just posted a new page with some tips on how to prepare your home for a real estate photography session. Following this list will ensure your home looks its best and will make an excellent first impression with buyers. This checklist could just as easily be used for preparing for an open house as many of the same rules apply. We have also included it as a downloadable PDF for realtors to print off and pass along to your clients. Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photography »