San Diego Home Photography’s roots trace back to 2009 when Kirk and Lauren decided to blend their passion for beautiful Chicago architecture with their love of photography. A business was quickly formed, shooting for construction companies and real estate development firms.

In 2011, a move to Carlsbad brought Kirk and Lauren to the San Diego market and San Diego Home Photography was born. San Diego Home Photography has photographed 100’s of houses in that time capturing stunning imagery for real estate agents, vacation rental agencies, retirement communities, homeowners, developers, brokerages, staging companies, design agencies architects and construction companies.


Lauren picked up a camera while traveling through Europe when she was twelve. The architecture and landscapes from Paris to Budapest served as fantastic subjects; her interest in photography was piqued.

After graduating from Michigan State University, Lauren moved to Chicago and began shooting architectural and real estate photography. Upon relocation to Southern California, she co-founded San Diego Home Photography, and has enjoyed the pleasure of shooting in beautiful temperatures and sunny skies for the past four years.


As the grandson of a stage actor and the son of a television camera operator, creativity and visual media run in his veins. Kirk’s love for photography was nurtured from an early age, the initial spark being a family road trip to Maine when he was 7 years old. Two weeks and 21 rolls of film later, he was hooked.

Since those early days Kirk has honed his skills shooting sports and portrait photography throughout high school and college. After college, Kirk moved to Chicago and fell in love with the Windy City’s architecture. Deciding to make a career out of his passion, he co-founded Chicago Home Photography. Two years and many happy clients later, a change of scenery was in order. Kirk moved west to California with Lauren, and established San Diego Home Photography.


Proof Hiring A Professional Real Estate Photographer Pays Off

Redfin, one of my favorite online brokerages recently posted some interesting data that answers the question: What is the true benefit of listing your home with professional photography? Their findings are based off camera EXIF data embedded in the images uploaded to the MLS. They looked for all the listings that were shot with a DSLR camera - the type

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