We are constantly on the prowl for new clients. As real estate photographers, our most desired client is a real estate agent who sells higher-end properties and sees the tremendous value in investing in professional photography. A real estate agent who invests in professional photography will more often than not see the value in professional home staging, and vice versa.

Both real estate photographers and home stagers are in the business of making houses look good. Even though each performs a different service, they have exactly the same clients.

A Truly Symbiotic Relationship

For photographers and stagers to properly show off their work, they need each other. Stagers need great photos to show off their staging services, and photographers need great staging to have beautiful spaces to photograph. In this way, photography and staging sell each other.

If stagers and photographers work together, they can mutually reap the benefits.

How do Photographers & Home Stagers Form a Partnership?

To start building a mutually beneficial relationship, photographers and stagers can:

  • Jointly cross-promote services to clients
  • Offer photography + staging combination packages
  • Share links on each others’ websites

In addition to all of the above, we at San Diego Home Photography will provide you, the home stager, with photographs of your work to promote your business however you like.

Are you a San Diego area home stager? We would like to partner with you! Please call us at 858.522.9052  or send an email to contact at sandiegohomephotography.com.